Principal Investigator- Dr.Matias J. Cafaro, Ph.D
Education: Ph.D 2003, Kansas University

Specialty: Mycology, Trichomycetes, Arthropods

Faculty: Associate Professor at University Of Puerto Rico,Mayaguez Campus. Biology Department

Research Interest: Symbiosis between fungi and arthropods, systematics and coevolution, marine and anaerobic fungi, microbial ecology and communities, biotechnological potential of symbionts.

Recent Publications:

2012 Hernández Roa, JJ & Cafaro, MJ. Seasonality in the level of infection by Enterobryus halophilus (Trichomycetes) in Emerita portoricensis. Mycologia 104(2): 337-344.

2011 Valle, LG, White, MM & Cafaro, MJ. Dipteran-associated Harpellales from lowland and submontane tropical rain forests of Veracruz (Mexico). Mycologia 103(3): 656-673.

2011 Cafaro, MJ, Poulsen, M, Little, AEF, Price, SL, Gerardo, NM, Wong, B, Stuart, AE, Larget, B, Abbot, P & Currie, CR. Specificity in the symbiotic association between fungus-growing ants and protective Pseudonocardia bacteria. Proc. R. Soc. B 278: 1814-1822.

2011 Folgarait, PJ, Marfetán, JA & Cafaro, MJ. Growth and conidiation response of Escovopsis weberii against the fungal cultivar from the leaf-cutter ant Acromyrmex lundii. Environmental Entomology 40 (2): 342-349.

2010 Poulsen, M, Cafaro, MJ, Erhardt, DP, Little, AEF, Gerardo, NM & Currie, CR. Variation in Pseudonocardia antibiotic defense helps govern parasite-induced morbidity in Acromyrmex leaf-cutting ants. Environmental Microbiology Reports 2 (4): 534-540.

2010 Valle, LG & Cafaro, MJ. Harpellales of the Dominican Republic (Hispaniola Island) and the insular effect on gut fungi. Mycologia 102 (2): 363-373.

2010 Taerum, SJ, Cafaro, MJ & Currie, CR. Presence of multiparasite infections within individual colonies of leaf-cutter ants. Environmental Entomology 39 (1): 105-113..