More Publications - Dr.Matias J. Cafaro, Ph.D

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2011 Folgarait, PJ, Marfetán, JA & Cafaro, MJ. Growth and conidiation response of Escovopsis weberii against the fungal cultivar from the leaf-cutter ant Acromyrmex lundii. Environmental Entomology 40 (2): 342-349.

2010 Poulsen, M, Cafaro, MJ, Erhardt, DP, Little, AEF, Gerardo, NM & Currie, CR. Variation in Pseudonocardia antibiotic defense helps govern parasite-induced morbidity in Acromyrmex leaf-cutting ants. Environmental Microbiology Reports 2 (4): 534-540.

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Book Chapters and Others:

2003 Lichtwardt, R, White, M, Cafaro, MJ. Freshwater Trichomycetes and their arthropod hosts. In: Freshwater Mycology. C. K. M. Tsui and K. D. Hyde (eds.). Fungal Diversity Press, Hong Kong SAR, China, 350 pp.

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2001 Lichtwardt, R, Cafaro, MJ, White, M. The Trichomycetes. Fungal Associates of Arthropods. On-line publication (